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Amazing Getaways in Cornwall

Looking for some ideas of amazing getaways in Cornwall?

Cornwall has become one our favorite getaways in the last couple of years.

The dramatic beauty of the coastline combined with the amazing history, make Cornwall one of those places you can never seem to explore in its entirety. No matter how many times you go, you never seem to see it all.

We have come to love Mevagissey in particular, at least as a place to stay. There are several B&Bs there, the Trennicks B&B in Mevagissey being our favorite. We have stayed here multiple times and will not stay anywhere else. The breakfast is outstanding (a little secret to pass on… when you fill out the breakfast request form, you are supposed to check the bubbles next to the items you want, I have found if you write in a number instead you get as much of everything as you want 😉 so if you check yes for sausage you get 2 sausages and if you write in 4, you get 4…. you’re welcome).

There is no shortage of great beaches in Cornwall. If you like to surf, there are plenty especially on the north coastline, and if you prefer a more family type beach there are lots of those too. One of our favorite beaches, especially if you like hiking, is Kynance Cove.

Kynance Cove is located in extreme southwest Cornwall, south of Helston. Kynance Cove has some really cool, but fairly small beach areas, but what we love more than the beaches are the hiking trails. No matter which way you go from the beach, you can hike along the Cornish cliffs, giving you incredible views of the countryside as well as the surf crashing against the rocks below.

Check out some of our Cornwall photos:

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