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Aria Las Vegas: The ultimate in luxury rooms and fine dining

The Aria Hotel in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is in my top 3 favorite cities in the world! There is so much to do and see there but I think it’s the accommodation that makes it so enjoyable for me. I’ve stayed at several of the top hotels in Vegas but the one I always go back to is the Aria Las Vegas.

From the minute you pull up in the taxi, you know you’ve arrived at a five star hotel. The whole courtyard is stunning and sets the scene for what to expect inside the Aria. Even a luxury car or two is parked outside just for added effect.

Aria Las VegasAs with all the hotels, you are warmly greeted at the door. Once inside you feel the lovely cool air that is infused with a wonderful scent. The foyer is immense, filled with shiny tiles on the floor, lots of foliage and huge windows. The foyer is surrounded by restaurants, bars and the casino. Some Vegas hotels often have long lines for check in but I’ve never had to wait at the Aria. Who wants to spend their time waiting in line in Vegas? There’s too much to do.

The rooms are very spacious and luxurious but the best part is all the automation it has for the curtains, tv, lights etc. It’s pretty hi tech! Every room has a large floor to ceiling window which lets in loads of natural light. The views are always amazing too. The bathroom is gorgeous with two sinks, a huge shower and bath. It comes fully equipped with all the accessories you could possibly need. There’s plenty of closet and drawer space as well as the usual mini bar filled with booze and sodas.


There are loads of restaurants in the hotel. They provide various dining experiences across all cuisines. There’s something for all tastes and budgets including the regulatory buffet.

Two of my favorites are Todd English Pub and Jean Philippe Patisserie. Todd English has some delicious pub style food. It’s a pretty casual atmosphere to match the food but everything I’ve eaten there has been top notch, including the lobster rolls! They have the best Bloody Mary’s as well. Loads of different recipes, some spicy and some a little odd but all very delicious. Their biggest draw is all the beers they have on tap.

Jean Philippe Patisserie is where most of my meals come from when at the Aria. It’s easily the best place for breakfast. It’s quick, fairly inexpensive and delicious. They have the best toasted sandwiches and my favorite is the Croque Monsieur. It’s a toasted sandwich filled with cheese, ham and a creamy bechamel sauce. Yum! The pastries are amazing too. Each pastry is professionally made to the highest standard and are delicious. There’s a shop to the side as well where they sell lots of great confectionary that make excellent gifts to take home to the kids.


As you can imagine, there’s a bar every 50 feet. They’re all setup in different ways, some are more like lounge bars and others just bars with stools. My favorite bar is the one to the right of the main lifts called, funnily enough, the Lift Bar. I love sitting there in the comfy lounge chairs, drinking my shaken, not stirred, martini and watching the world go by. They have great cocktails as well as a delicious nutty snack mix. It’s the perfect spot to meet up for a pre dinner drink or two.

The casino is quite large and has all forms of gambling. There’s hundreds of slot machines, tables for blackjack, craps, roulette and others, poker rooms and betting rooms with huge screens showing all the best sports around the world. The cocktail waitresses are great at keeping you topped up with the beverage of your choice. The drinks are free as long as you’re gambling, even at the slots.

More things to do

Shopping is pretty good in the Aria as well, albeit high end. You can easily catch the free tram to other parts of the strip and with a short walk from the tram you can be at the Fashion Mall or the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace.

The pool area is lovely with plenty of chairs to relax on as well as several private cabanas available for rent. The pools are crystal clear and very inviting to cool off in the Vegas heat. There’s always a cocktail waitress at hand too, just to complete the picture.

You just can’t beat a trip to Vegas. You can always find a good package deal with flights and hotel, especially through Southwest Airlines. They want you to spend your money on gambling so they make the best hotels very affordable. Between the amazing food, the shopping and a little gambling, I feel like a princess when I stay in Las Vegas. The Aria hotel is a palace filled with luxury.