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Bellagio Las Vegas the ultimate in luxury and location

Bellagio rolls elegantly off the tongue and the Vegas hotel was so named for a reason, it’s a luxurious, Italian styled Casino Hotel that won’t disappoint. I can’t remember how many times I’ve stayed there but I have loved every visit without exception.

Long weekends to Vegas became somewhat regular for several years and I stayed at the Bellagio most of the time. I suppose I chose it originally because it was a a 5 star rated hotel and probably had a good package deal through Southwest Airlines. There’s a lot of choice in Vegas when it comes to places to stay. Being central on the strip and in one of the top rated hotels was the main criteria on which to base my choice.

The first stay was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a more luxurious room. The entire hotel was filled with top quality restaurants, shops and of course gambling. This led to many more visits to Vegas along with a stay at my favorite Vegas hotel. Over the years I took my Mum with me and she simply refused to stay anywhere else. She loves the Bellagio.

Check In at Bellagio

You can’t walk into the Bellagio without noticing the ceiling that is decorated with hundreds of hand blown glass flowers, it’s glorious. The reception is huge as is typical of most of the top Vegas hotels. It’s rare you have to queue to check in as there are about 10 desks open at any given time. Interaction with their friendly and professional staff starts with the greeting at check in. They quickly check you in and provide you with as many room keys as needed. They give you a map to help you find your way around the hotel as well as verbal instruction on which bank of lifts to find to go up to your room. There’s plenty of staff around to help with your luggage, if they didn’t already when you arrive. The concierge desks sits at the end where they’ll help you with reservations to dinner and shows etc., not just in the Bellagio but anywhere in Vegas.

Bellagio Rooms

I stayed in a room with a California King bed which was very comfortable. The room had a nice TV, table and chairs, mini bar, lots of closet and drawer space, fast wifi, desk and a stunning marble filled bathroom equipped with a shower and a bath. The window looked out over the pool area which was very enticing indeed. There’s really not much else to say about the rooms except for their meticulously clean, extremely comfortable and you feel like a princess in her royal suite. Try out the room service as well. The morning coffee isn’t overly expensive and Mum and I always ordered a nice glass of ice water with the coffee so we could be well hydrated for the day.

Bellagio Casino

Every hotel in Vegas has a casino area but as you can imagine, some are much more luxuriously laid out that others. They all have the same machines with various levels of minimum bets as well as tables for playing roulette, blackjack, craps and more. What I like about the Casino area at the Bellagio is it’s not only surrounded by beautiful decor but it’s comfy. It goes without saying that it’s spotlessly clean and all the dealers are well presented, knowledgable and friendly. The cocktail waitresses have the required figure hugging outfits but their pretty classy compared to some I’ve seen. There’s plenty of waitresses walking around as well so that you’re never wanting for a drink, morning or night.


The Bellagio has some of the top rated restaurants in Vegas. There’s all types of cuisines to suit anyones taste and there’s the obligatory Buffet as well. I actually haven’t tried their buffet but I’m sure it’s good. Eating at the restaurants are along the front of the hotel is a must. These all have window seats or even a patio that provides you with a wonderful view of the famous Bellagio Fountains. All day long these fountains show their beauty in a choreographed ballet to music but in the evening with lights shining on the fountains the show is simply spectacular. It can be difficult to get a guaranteed seat on the patio or by the window at these restaurants and I think they do it on a first come first served basis, despite reservations.


There’s no shortage of shops in the hotel but they are high end shops. Despite most of them being expensive name brands it’s great to see how the other half live so don’t be intimidated, go in and take a look.


There are several bars around the hotel and they’re all beautifully decorated and have various themes. My favourite is the Baccarat bar which has lots of comfy seats as well as a piano player in the evening. This is the perfect spot for a post shopping drink or a pre dinner drink. This is my Mum’s favourite bar in the hotel and probably the world. Often she would quit shopping earlier than I wanted to and she’d head to the Baccarat bar to relax. After finishing my shopping I would meet her there for my well earned drink. You get a lovely dish of fresh nuts as well which is an ideal snack to keep you going until dinner.


Besides the Bellagio fountains, the hotel has it’s own theatre. They always have a top quality show on the docket. I saw a Cirque de Soleil show there which was amazing. Just off the reception area is a seasonal display garden which is well worth visiting. Whoever designs this exhibition has a fabulous imagination. There’s always a load of beautiful flowers and other features to make it well worth a visit.


Can’t end this review without a mention for the pool. It’s grand! Pool time is a must while in Vegas. You shouldn’t get too carried away with gambling and over indulging in food and booze is easy done too. Get out to the pool and do some laps to work off those calories and soak up the glorious sun. There’s a great outdoor Cafe pool side as well which is an excellent spot for breakfast. Mum and I always went there for breakfast. If you’re in Vegas in the summer then I recommend going as early as possible as it will be quite warm. The staff are always happy to provide you with a shaded spot upon request.


If I had to explain why I’ve stayed at the Bellagio so many times, I would say it’s because it’s perfect. I have always been able to find a good package deal through Southwest Airlines. I know my way around the hotel which is good because some hotels are so large that it’s hard to find what you want. Their standards never slip and the rooms, casino, staff and food are always top quality. Some casinos tend to be packed with people but it never feels crowded at the Bellagio. It’s a very friendly and comfortable place to stay. The Bellagio makes you feel like a queen through its surroundings, entertainment and service.