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Fox Hunting with the Fitzwilliam Hunt in Peterborough

The Fitzwilliam Hunt, Fox Hunting near Peterborough, UK

There is nothing more British, in my opinion, than fox hunting. The Fitzwilliam Hunt in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, is one of England’s most spectacular fox hunts. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 riders on horseback, a pack of hounds, a couple of guys on quads, one with an eagle and one with a terrier, all of them sipping brandy on a cold winter morning.

History of the Fitzwilliam Hunt

The Fitzwilliam Hunt was officially formed back in the 1740s. Prior to the Fitzwilliam name being given to it, the hunt actually dates back the the late 1300’s and the reign of King Richard II.

Fox hunting get pretty polarizing press in England. Many people feel that it is brutal and gruesome, and that there is no place for it in today’s society.



Spectacle of the Fitzwilliam Hunt

There is something quite spectacular about seeing a bunch of Brits, dressed to the nines, sitting atop beautifully groomed horses out in the street in front of the local pub. It just doesn’t get any more British than that mate.

Around 9:00am the hunt gathers, along with hundreds of spectators, and heads off into the English countryside. They ride through many of the farms in the area, searching for areas where the foxes are likely to be. It is pretty fun to see some of the more adventurous riders jumping hedges and ditches as they make there way from one area of woods to another.

The backroads become lined with the cars of onlookers and spectators who are hoping to get a glimpse of the fox hunting party as they ride.

The Fitzwilliam Fox Hunting goes on two days per week throughout the bulk of the season, which spans the early part of November through the end of March. There is an earlier Fall hunt which gets underway in early September after the harvest.

Peterborough’s Fitzwilliam Hunt covers and area of about 600 square miles from Stamford int the north to Higham Ferrers further south.