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Great Breakfast Recipe for Battling Menopause

As the saying goes…..  Breakfast like a Queen, lunch like a Princess and dine like a Pauperess!

Well something like that…

It’s not often I eat breakfast, most weekdays I skip it in favour of a nice homemade non fat latte with a small teaspoon of demerara sugar. I make it with one of the best inventions since sliced bread – Bob milk, ‘best of both’ meaning non fat milk with the taste and creaminess of 2%. Anyone who makes their own latte regularly knows that cold, non fat milk is the best to get a good frothy topping and now you get the froth and a little creaminess, a.k.a heaven!

Back to breakfast….

I do treat myself to breakfast on the weekends, often because we’re going to be out all day running errands or off for a nice hike. On these occasions I know I’ll run out of energy before we stop for lunch. I firmly believe you are what you eat (in case I haven’t mentioned it before) so what you put in your body is very important. It’s good to start the day with something lite, easily digestible and natural, yoghurt, fruit and grains fits that bill for me. I love Fage Total non fat yoghurt, it’s SO creamy and has a pillowy texture, I’ve tried others and they never stack up for me. I nearly always have strawberries in the fridge but this dish is made extra special when local Fen strawberries are in season. You can add any fruit, your favourite fruit and it will taste delicious. My local market is pretty good and one of the stalls has some gigantic Mangos year round! They’re always ripe and ready to eat, deliciously creamy and sweet and ONLY 50p, can’t beat that!  Local supermarkets don’t have mangos that big and charge four times that for unripe, half the size mangos. On top of my yoghurt and fruit I like to add a small amount of grains, granola, oats or something to add a little crunch, it really finishes off the dish and gives you a little extra energy to keep you going. The one I used this morning, as you can see in the picture, contains every grain and seed you can think of, as well as some coconut, all nicely toasted.

eat natural cerealI find myself pretty full after this bowl full but pleasantly so and it easily lasts me until lunch. As a gal firmly in menopause I’m even more conscious of what I eat and try to include foods that have natural estrogen and calcium. I’ll write about menopause in more detail in another post but you can already see where I include a healthy amount of non fat dairy. I know, I can hear you say STOP, don’t eat dairy and while I agree it’s not always the best source of calcium along with other detrimental effects, I enjoy it! Another post for another day. The fruit in my breakfast bowl provides me with some lovely natural sugar/sweetness and the grains, nuts and coconut contain lots of protein and fiber.

All in all this is a pretty balanced breakfast loaded with protein but most of all it’s very tasty. I love it so much I sometimes have it for dinner, especially if I’m cutting down for a few days to keep my weight in check. I can happily get through the evening and night without feeling hungry. It’s also easy to replicate this meal when you’re on holiday, most hotels offer yoghurt for breakfast and lots of fruit and granola or muesli, so no excuses, don’t stuff yourself with greasy bacon and eggs, wake up your metabolism softly with this delicious bowl fit for a Queen!