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Low Calorie Snacks: My 5 favorite snacks for weight loss

My 5 Favorite Low Calorie Snacks

I have recently managed to lose over 60 pounds. These are 5 of my favorite low calorie snacks that helped me reach my goal.

I have mentioned this before, but I have just reached my goal of getting back below 190 pounds. Over the last 10 to 15 years I managed to pack on the pounds. At my heaviest, I was well over 250 pounds. My goal was to get down to 190 pounds. Finally in April, I weighed in at 187.

In no particular order, 5 of my favorite snacks with low calorie counts are:

  1. Celery with hummus, guacamole or tzatziki. Celery is great because it is basically just crunchy water. You can eat pretty much anything with it. I love dipping it in hummus, guac and tzatziki sauce. I suggest making your own of all of these, that way you can make sure they are as low calorie as possible. For guacamole, don’t add any mayonnaise or cream of any kind. Just mix up avocados, onions, tomatoes and lime juice.
  2. Lettuce hummus wraps with cucumber, prawns, crayfish or smoked salmon. In order to make it as low calorie as possible, just use the prawns. Salmon is very fatty (not bad fat though) but on a strict calorie counting diet, salmon is pretty high. If you make your own hummus, you can reduce the amount of oil, therefore lower the calories even more.
  3. edamameEdamame. I love edamame. I like the shelled edamame in a bowl with 0% Fage yogurt. To make it more interesting and add more protein, throw in a few prawns and pour your favorite hot sauce over it. In addition to raw, I love roasting the edamame with a little curry spice or other seasoning. Makes a great crunch snack and adds flavor and crunch to salads as a topping.
  4. Cucumber slices soaked in vinegar and cayenne pepper. Just get a plastic container with a lid that closes tightly. Fill it with sliced cucumber then pour in white vinegar until it covers the cucumber. Next, add cayenne pepper to taste. I like to make mine pretty spicy.
  5. Beef Flavor Hula Hoops Puft. This is the guilty pleasure entry. A small bag of these delicious little bastards is in the mid 70s in calories. When you just need a salty, beef flavored treat, grab yourself a bag of these. Might need to try Amazon unless you’re in the UK.

hula hoopsFinally, here is a great website I use regularly for counting calories.