Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park

Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park: the first cigar I ever smoked

Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park

This Macanudo was the first cigar I ever smoked. I came across it at the Denver Country Club a few decades ago while I was bartending there.

I remember that it embodies all of the things I knew about cigars at the time. It smelled great when the guys were smokings it after their rounds of golf. Cigar smoke is much like coffee to me, the aroma is unlike anything else, and it just smells fantastic.

They ket them in the refrigerator, I had no idea at the time what sacrilege that truly was.

Macanudo Hyde ParkBack in the day they were as robust to me as a Montecristo No 2, but these days they are  bit mild for my preferences. I still pick a couple up now and again because they are a great value and a really fine cigar.

I don’t know all the official cigar-speak to describe the smoke, burn and flavor of these things, but its a good cigar, end of story.


If you are just getting into smoking cigars, or if you are a long-time cigar aficionado, I would suggest you pick up a few of these and keep them on hand. You will not be disappointed.