smoked pork belly

Pork Belly Apple Wood Smoked in Duck Fat

OMG! This is good $#!t man!

Pork belly has become my hands-down favorite cut of meat to BBQ or smoke. If you don’t know, for my American friends, it is basically a bacon roast. Not only that guys, but have the butcher leave the ribs on it and it will blow your mind!

Get yourself a big cut from the butcher and have them score the skin for you unless you have a very very sharp knife. Coat it in whatever spices and herbs you like for BBQ pork and make sure you really salt the skin side of it really well.

Get a grill and smoker friendly roasting pan (just not your wife’s nice one basically) and fill it about 1/3 of the way with duck fat and then drop the pig on top.

Get the grill lit. I prefer cherry or apple wood for smoking pork. Get the temperature up to about 225 and try to keep it as close to that as possible for the rest of the day. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, get up early. The longer you can cook this, the better. I usually shoot for 9 or 10 hours. 12 hours if at all possible.

I take the pork belly out of the pan periodically for a half hour or so to let the smoke penetrate the underside of it better, but honestly the duck fat will take on the smoke flavor and give it to the meat.

Whenever you get tired of feeding the fire, after about 6 hours, it will be cooked. The longer you can leave it, the more tender it will be. The meat will be a little tight still between 6 and 8 hours. Once it hits about 8 or 9 it seems to release and then just fall apart. That gives you a really nice pulled pork.

I like the pork belly for the same reason you love the bacon, it’s all about that fat. All that bacon fat just melts when you cook the pork belly and it makes the meat so tender and juicy.

Give this a try. If you don’t have a smoker, just roast it in the oven on 225 for the same 8 to 12 hours.