Coffee in Spokane
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Forget Seattle, Spokane is where it’s at for Coffee Lovers

Since Starbucks first opened it’s doors in 1971 the Great Northwest has been the mecca for craft coffee. Not to be out done by it’s big sister Seattle, Spokane has several amazing coffee shops and some very talented local roasters. There’s something so very comforting about genuine elitism. Coffee snobbery is at it’s best when it’s more than bean deep […]

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Spokane Burger

5 of Spokane’s All Time Best Burgers

Five Of The Best Burger Places In Spokane Practically everyone loves burgers – or, at the very least, can find a sort of burger that they will love. If you’re making a trip to Spokane and you’re interested in getting yourself some good old-fashioned American comfort food while you’re there, one of these places will have you covered no matter […]

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Casper Fry

Where the Foodies go to eat in Spokane Washington

Ever find yourself wondering, “where do the foodies eat in Spokane?” While there’s a great diversity of restaurants in Spokane, not all of them offer quality. Yelp is always my favorite app to use for pretty honest and accurate reviews in any city and no exception when visiting Spokane.  The best way is always a recommendation from a friend who has […]

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Quick, easy and delicious stir fry omelette you must try

It seems these days we get busier and busier and we eagerly search quick and easy recipes that provide excellent nutrition for our family. One recipe that I’ve used for fifteen years now is a simple omelette. I call it ‘Stir Fry Omelette’. As it suggests, it’s stir fry veg inside an omelette. It’s super easy to make and doesn’t […]

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